Quote of the Day
07/28/17 5:09 pm
Any artist who tells you they don't wanna get gold or platinum records is full of shit. Any artist who tells you he's doing it for the sake of art is full of shit, OK?  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
07/26/17 9:52 am
Since I called myself a punk, it's my definition that matters to me. I can label myself whatever I please.  MORE >>
Video of the Day
07/24/17 2:19 pm
Shoutout to Snoop Dogg for channeling his inner Slick Rick and leaving it all out on the floor! Think you can top it? Get nasty and leave your best Rick James impressions in the comments.  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
07/21/17 8:44 am
I'm not a disco artist. I'm not a rock artist or a funk artist. I'm an artist.  MORE >>
Photo of the Day
07/19/17 9:28 am
I don't want to lose the glow.  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
07/18/17 7:00 am
You’ve got love with me, hope, the future. I write about shit the way it is.  MORE >>
Video of the Day
07/14/17 7:34 pm
Tag a sexy lady and show 'em some love!  MORE >>
Happy Birthday to the man himself, Charlie Murphy!
07/12/17 9:18 am
"Me and Rick were like two pirates drinking together, yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum, you know what I’m saying?" - Charlie Murphy  MORE >>
GIF of the Day
07/10/17 11:05 am
It's not just about Rick James, it's about many, many people.  MORE >>
Video of the Day
07/07/17 4:41 pm
If you're too straight for it, don't watch it. Turn the TV off:  MORE >>

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