Happy Birthday Dave Chappelle!
08/24/18 6:54 am
Happy Birthday to comedian and friend of Rick's, Dave Chappelle! Chappelle's legendary comedy sketches helped introduce the King of Punk Funk's fly lifestyle to a brand new generation. Watch 'True Hollywood Stories' from the Chappelle's Show to find out how Rick's dirty boots rubbed Charlie Murphy the wrong way.  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
08/22/18 7:26 am
“I wasn't trying to write. I started singing, ‘She's a very kinky girl…’ I was about to stop - the whole thing sounded a little dumb - when one of my cats said, ‘It's cool. It's hypnotic’... right then and there I had the engineer hook up a mic and started singing the story as it came to me - this story of a super freak. I never wrote down a word. Made it up on the spot.” - Rick James  MORE >>
08/20/18 6:56 am
Now this is how you pay tribute to the KING of Punk Funk. Submit your Rick James ink by posting with the hashtag #RickJamesTattoo on Instagram or Twitter, tagged @RickJames. We wanna see your tat tributes to Rick!   MORE >>
Quiet Storm Essentials
08/17/18 6:54 am
Take it easy and groove with the QUIET STORM ESSENTIALS playlist on Apple Music. Keep your weekend smooth with R&B classics by Rick, Lionel Richie, The Isley Brothers and more:  MORE >>
Happy Birthday to Larry Graham Jr.
08/15/18 8:10 am
Happy Birthday to Larry Graham Jr., a cat whose electrifying basslines in Sly and the Family Stone pioneered the future of slap bass.   MORE >>
Street Songs
08/13/18 6:51 am
“The ‘Street Songs’ tour was my biggest ever. Every twenty-thousand-seater in every city was sold out for a minimum of two nights.” - RJ  MORE >>
VIdeo of the Day
08/10/18 6:59 am
What happens when you mix Migos & Rick James? SOME FRESH FUNK. Turn it up.  MORE >>
Simply Irresistable
08/08/18 6:59 am
You’ll be irresistible in this sexy Rick tee! Find the look you need to hit the dance floor and seduce some fine honeys.  MORE >>
Quote of the Day
08/06/18 7:19 am
"What makes him so popular is that he’s from the street. It’s about the street, it’s about life, it’s about what people are feeling. There is only one Rick James. He’s an original." - Berry Gordy Jr., founder of Motown Records  MORE >>
Who the f&@$ is James Johnson and how the f$%@ did he become Rick James?!
08/03/18 7:25 am
You can thank Shirley Matthews for that - the hit recording artist behind ‘Big Time Boy.’ "At the time, I was using the name of Ricky James Matthews… I was told (by Matthews) to change my name to Rick James, and that it would take eight years for me to make it, and that I'd have to pay all kinds of dues first. And it happened exactly the way she said it would." - Rick James  MORE >>

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